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Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Jameson enthusiast located in Los Angeles, CA.
Debut Single "Losing Tonight" available for streaming on SoundCloud and YouTube!

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Holy Shcmokdfowene!

So far in 2014 I have continued the trend of being terrible at updating this piece.  If you're here, please check out my Facebook where for some odd reason it's way easier to update you all on my comings and goings. 

Well, had a bunch of firsts here in 2014!  First live shows - SF at Hotel Utah, and LA at One Eyed Gypsy.  Both went GREAT!  Crowds were superb and it seems everyone had a Jameson and Fireball-filled good time, myself included :)  Here is a pic from the LA show!

Gearing up to head out on the road with Red Elvises pretty soon here, and also working as hard as ever to finish up my Debut EP!  Just spent 10 days in Oklahoma with the fabulous Adam Keller and Matt Seikel and we have QUITE a treat up our sleeves to add to the EP.

Whiskey and Kisses!


Captain Obvious 

Well, I really suck at updating my website.  Alright...back in LA after being on the road for most of 2013 with Red Elvises and getting ready to finish up my debut EP!  Yeehaw!  Booking a couple CA shows early next year before heading back out with Red Elvises in late Feb.  Recorded a few covers while I was on the road and they're doing aight on the Youtubes.  Aaaaand that's about it!  Very VERY excited to get back in the studio - arguably my favorite place in the world.......except for Vegas.

New Covers:

Mad World

Justin Timberlake's TKO




Final weeks of the tour! 

Ho.  Ly.  Crap. 

Just over 5 weeks into my first 7 week US tour with Igor and Red Elvises and what a crazy, time warpy, mosquitoy ride it's been!  Got to play to some seriously amazing crowds (these guys have a cult following like you wouldn't believe) in some seriously amazing venues and even got to perform my original song "Losing Tonight" with the band!

Been trying to hammer things out on the Dregas front while on the road which has been a little tricky, but as we speak I am in possession of the MASTERED VERSION of my debut single!  Waiting for my roommate to wake up so I can blast it from my crappy laptop speakers and see how it's going to sound the way 99% of people will hear it for the first time.  If only everyone was rocking studio monitors 24/7.  In a perfect world. 

Hopefully I'll be able to put it out in a few days!  HUZZAH!  Check back soon :)


On the Road with Red Elvises! 

So I am currently 5 days into my first tour wtih the Red Elvises!  I am typing this from a lovely inn in Alpine, TX in the precious hours of free wifi we have between soundcheck and downbeat.  Tonight we rock Railroad Blues! 

So far, it's been quite an adventure filled with desert, great food, crackheads, and AMAZING fans :)  I'll be touring the US and Canada with these guys for the next 7 weeks so stick around for updates and pics!  Here's one of me literally and figuratively on the road with Red Elvises.



Video Shoot! 

So so so so so so SO SO SOOO excited about my upcoming video for my first single "Losing Tonight"!  We shot some beautiful people all over this fair city including some very talented musicians atop a high rise in my lovely Downtown LA and after sufficient beer, watered down vodka shots, and Korean BBQ marinated by yours truly, we ended up with quite a gem if I may say so myself.  Here is a pic from the rooftop.

Up Late Once Again... 

Ok.  Almost 24 hours later and almost a 180 on my feelings about my prospects as an artist.  I may still be a bit shaky on my confidence as a singer, but right now I feel like I can write a damn song!  Had a great talk today with a dear friend and unbelievably talented musican and singer, Natalie John.  Had another great talk with another great musician and friend, Emily Cohn as well, and came home and listened through almost my whole "catalogue" of original songs.  Terrible iPhone demos mostly, but it seems I have enough material that I feel is good enough to record an entire album!  Now I just need to come up with the budget to record an entire album...

Real Talk...Real Late. 

Some days, I listen to the tracks I've recorded so far and think, "wow, I sound great!" or "this song is is going to be huge" and get unbelievably excited about moving forward with my newfound career as a singer/ artist - stomach butterflies and all.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Then, other days, I listen to those same tracks and think "wow, I sound mediocre as F---" or "this song is nothing special, people aren't even going to listen past the intro" and wonder what I'm doing with my life and why I think I have what it takes to be a successful recording artist/songwriter - pit in stomach and all.  Today was one of those days.  I don't know which of these days I have more of.  I like to think the former, but right now I'm sitting here at 3:45am, sober as a judge I might add, wondering why so many talented people have put so much of their valuable time and effort into my project when I can name about 50 other singers I know personally who sound MILES better than I do without even trying.  And, they (and millions of others) all want exactly what I want - just as badly!  What makes me think I'm so special?  Why am I even trying?  I wonder if Adele or Michael Jackson or Rebecca Black had days like these.  Maybe I'm just PMSing...

First official post! 

Alright.  First post on the first blog I've written in years.  Feels a bit like I'm talking to myself because essentially, I am at this point!  I like myself though, so I'm fine with it.  If you are one of the few people other than myself who reads this, hello and welcome to my website!  I will keep this as updated as I can - I'm really bad at this sort of thing...I didn't tweet for almost a full year once, and I think I only have a total of like 30 tweets to begin with. 

Here is a pic of me taken last week at a recording session at Ameraycan Studios in North Hollywood (part of the Paramount Recording Group) for my song "Bartender" which I have the honor of recording with the fabulous LA band, The Makers.   The guys have the track sounding ahhhhmazing and now it's up to me to lay down some kick-ass vocals.  

Here I am trying to figure out what to do with some lyrics that the guys didn't like so much.  "Jameson-laden" to be exact!  One of the things I love most about writing is collaboration.  Musically and lyrically the song is definitely a lot better and more direct after all of their notes and edits and I can't stop listening to it :)  Alright, that's all I feel like reading about myself for now.